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Maintain the quality of your blog – stay away from PageRank buttons

November 18, 2009

Keep your sites away from pointing towards any spam!

Keep your sites from pointing towards spam!

Third post in the series on maintaining the quality of your blog – the dangers of inserting page rank buttons on your site.

The main problem with installing these buttons/bars on your blog is that they automatically link back to the site you downloaded them from. These sites tend to be created solely for advertising purposes as it’s an easy way for them to get cheap backlinks and traffic by giving out free buttons.

The key issue here is that Google and other search engines consider these sites to be spam. And as we know, any sites linking towards spam are seen to be part of a bad neighbourhood. This ultimately impacts negatively upon the rankings of your site and subsequently reduces potential advertiser revenue.

So keep away from these obsolete and useless buttons as they will do no good for the quality of your site (or its monetization!).

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