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The Importance of Keyword Research Tools in Improving Blog Rankings

June 30, 2010

Here in the LinkLift office, we are used to hearing many different languages, but the most pervasive SEO catchphrase that is bandied about is:  ‘Mots-Clés’.

Or you may recognize the English translation: ‘Keywords’.

Knowing which keywords will place your blog onto the first page of Google ensures that your blog attracts more readers and/or your business gets more customers. These days the distinction between ‘business’ and ‘blogger’ is a very blurry one. Anyone who types a word into a search engine is seconds away from becoming a customer or a follower.

As such, Keywords (so important that I give them a capital letter) and the relationship between Keywords are the foundation upon which a website lives or dies.

According to Yoast, when you are planning your website, there are a number of ways to make sure that all the pages of your site come together to rank your website highly under ALL of the relevant keywords.

Firstly, use your own commonsense, ask everyone who knows a lot about what your website has to offer and ask yourself and them: Which words might someone use to describe your site?

List every one of the words that you can think of. And then use some of these Keyword research tools to help you fill in all the blanks. This last step is very important, Keyword research tools (the most famous perhaps being Google Adwords) are a goldmine of interesting and relevant statistics that will improve your understanding of what people are searching for and how they are searching.

As you compile this list, group Keywords that are closely related to each other. The main overridingly important Keyword should be placed on the homepage in the beginning of the title. Then assign one Keyword to each of your other pages, the closer linked to the homepage, the higher their importance in terms of your website’s function.

Keyword research is vital because the part it plays in your site’s structure. Successful websites place all the right Keywords in all the right pages and are most easily found by searchers.

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