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Optimize Your WordPress Blog (Part Two – SEO Friendly Titles)

December 9, 2009

Clear, direct and captivating titles makes you stand out

Clear, direct and captivating titles draw readers to your site

Now that your permalink structure has been fully optimized, it is time to consider SEO friendy titles for your posts.

WordPress titles are by default configured to the following format: Blog Title > Blog Archive > Post Title

However, higher traffic can be achieved by reversing this order. The reason for this is that search engines place more importance on early words in a title. Therefore if your keywords are at the start of the page title, there is a higher chance that your page will rank higher. Furthermore, people looking at search results tend to glance through the early words first and are more likely to go to your page if they see something that interests them straight away.

To edit the title structure, you need to firstly go into HeadSpace settings and configure the following titles:

  • Pages & Posts:  %%title%% – Blog Title
  • Categories: %%category%% – Blog Title
  • Archives: %%page%% – Blog Title

Through the plug-in HeadSpace2, you can also optimize individual post titles more specifically by overriding these settings.

For a more detailed review of the HeadSpace2 plug-in and further elements that it can be used to optimize, Urban Giraffe provides a great overview.

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Tips and guidelines for bloggers (old and new!)

November 25, 2009

Following a few simple guidelines can make a big difference to the quality and exposure of your blog

Following a few simple guidelines can make a big difference to the quality and exposure of your blog

Whether you have only been blogging for a few weeks or even a few years already, there are a few important guidelines to keep in mind. Here are a few tips which will help increase exposure and maintain the quality of your blog.

  1. Update your blog as frequently as possible.  Regular updates will not only tempt your readers to keep coming back, but it will also invite search engines to spider your pages more frequently. This is rewarded with increased visibility in search engine rankings.
  2. Keep your posts topic related. You should try to define a running theme/topic throughout your blog and stick to it. This will help create a loyal readership who will keep coming back to read up on any new topic related updates.
  3. Use rich keywords related to the content of your post. Using descriptive and related keywords wisely will undoubtedly help increase the visibility of your blog in search engine results. The title of your posts acts as a powerful tool, so choose your words carefully.
  4. Try to keep your language clear and simple. Don’t forget, your blog can be accessed by anyone in the world and (contrary to popular belief) not everyone speaks fluent English! So watch out for those idioms and acronyms, this should help keep your blog accessible to the rest of the world.
  5. Spell check and proof read. Always take a few moments to read over what you have written before you post. This saves any embarrassment and will help ensure that your readers take your blog seriously.

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