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June 22, 2010

Hi! I’m Philippa, I am the newest member of the LinkLift team.

I have found that the most important skill required for a new LinkLift intern (me!) is the ability to search effectively for great blogs and websites. One of the key issues I face is:  how do I find out where in the world this blog is situated? Many bloggers may also wish to find likeminded individuals online in their country of residence or interest, so read on if this sounds like you and searching for blogs in a particular country seems difficult.

Because we are the  UK department at LinkLift, UK domains always feature highly on our blog search lists for all campaigns. I have found a list of all the domains by country, and surprisingly, even that lonely continent, Antarctica, has a domain special to it  – .Aq. If I come across a .Aq domain I am sure to be very excited, but on an average day, I will be searching the online world for UK sites. Now, with a little nifty knowledge that I will impart here, searching for sites is easy!

For example

We have a campaign running about home improvement and I would like to find some blogs on this topic but with a UK specific domain.

Step 1: Go to your favourite search engine.

Step 2: Input this string into your search engine of choice: “intext:home improvement”

Step 3: Hit enter key.

Et voila! All the sites about home improvement with in their URL will appear.

You could replace the “” with the  operator “site:uk”. Same difference.

And just for fun, I have tried this with inurl:.Aq and, disappointingly, no penguins are currently blogging.

If anyone out there with a blog or website in English, with few existing adverts, lots of great content and an old domain (not necessarily!)  you could save me a search or two by registering with us directly! We are looking in particular for blogs with topics covering these areas:

Home improvement

Interior design

Food and drink

Women’s lifestyle/fashion


Just to Note

This month Google has implemented a PageRank update. This change to the basic indicator of a site’s popularity means that many sites have been recently demoted or promoted in their overall ‘importance’ on the web.

Some online advertisers wish to promote products only on those websites with high PageRanks (4 and above). At LinkLift, however, we treat Google PageRank as a general indication of a website’s use and value, but more important to us are the content and links. We can usually tell what is a good site, whether or not this is reflected in the PageRank.

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