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As Easy as a Piece of Monetised Cake! (chocolate preferably)

February 27, 2013

Own a blog?

Like earning money?

Haven’t worked with us previously?

Like the idea of not having to make huge changes to your blog?

Like cute banners, or even stylish, chic banners?

Like cake?

Ok, so the last one IS optional.  Whilst we all love a good slab of cake and a full biscuit tin here at Linklift, what we like even more is making it a piece of cake (ie. super easy :) ) for us to work with you, and for you to earn some extra dollars (or £ or €!) with the least amount of effort!

And that is why we put our heads together and created the Linklift Affilate Program.

We are constantly on the lookout for great blogs (other than your own!), and you can help us find them by simply placing one of our Affiliate banners somewhere on your blog, such as in the sidebar or in your blogroll.

The banners come in a variety of sweet-ass styles (including some without bunnies, we promise!), so there should always be one that fits nicely in to your own blog design.

If you are feeling a bit more ready, willing and able, then other affilate methods include:

-          Writing a post and placing a text link or affiliate banner in the article. (If you do write an article, we’d love to know about it, so that we can feature it  on our own site!)

-          Sharing the affiliate link on your social network accounts to reach a larger audience.

Reaching a larger audience means more click-throughs and more click-thoroughs mean potentially more of that extra dollar!

This is because, for each new blogger that arrives to us from the link in your banner, registers  and whose site is approved by our support team, we will pay you a bonus of 13 GBP (about $19/15€), which will be visible on your LinkLift account 30 days after the new blogger has signed up and been approved.

So that’s:

A bit of extra money for you – tick!

Lovely new bloggers for us to partner with – tick!

If you are not already on our online platform, you will need to be, but for the Affilate Program you only need to create an account, not register a website. If you already have an account with us, then we simply need to tick a few boxes, pull a few levers and you will be good to go.

Once that is all set up, the pretty cool thing (aside from how easy this is!), is that you can always keep track of how many people are clicking through your link, as well as how many are registering and being approved. You just need to go to your Linklift account and click on „Affiliate Program“ in the bottom right corner of the page, like so:


To see the full selection of our awesome banners, just send an email over to:

Our Support team will then get in touch and help set you up with everything that you need, including registering you on our system if you aren’t already registered with us. Easy!

Now, put your feet up, the kettle on, and enjoy that slice of monetized chocolate cake – you deserve it! :)



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Rethink your blogroll

January 20, 2010


Do you really need to have all those blogs in your sidebar site wide?

You could also just put them all on one page. It’s well known that Google and other search engines penalise site wide links, so it’s better to keep them all on one page. Further more, you are also likely to prevent or lose visitors from browsing through your site as they get distracted and go to external sites. It is the same situation for links to individual post pages, you should ensure that they are content related, if not it does not help your site or your friends.

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