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Getting the Most Out of Guest Blogging

April 8, 2011

Guest blogginGuest blog inviteg is fast becoming one of the few ways left in which you can gain legitimate, quality backlinks and traffic for your website. If you are considering opening up your successful blog to guest posts this can be a great way to gain new insightful content and increase readership on your own site and to become even better known among the other bloggers in your niche. You may end up finding new friends and natural promoters for your website along the way, but it can seem like you are opening Pandora’s box.

Advice for Guest Blogging Hosts

An article on by Ann Smarty on Search Engine People’ s blog outlines three sensible rules to abide by when considering a guest’s submitted article:

  1. Get your quality standards straight from the outset – is the guest post original and interesting, well-written and useful?
  2. Don’t be afraid to turn a lot of people down – get used to rejecting some guest bloggers who are only looking for link juice and have nothing to add to your site.
  3. Remember to always look for the potential in a new blogger and invest time in making suggestions as to how to edit their guest post in order to improve it and be publishable.

Ann Smarty has set up one of the best and most widely-used sites for submitting guest posts and getting them published on relevant blogs who are registered there and looking for writers. In the coming few months, I predict there will be more sites like these in the place of your Ezinearticles or Suite101 (article directories that were hit by Google’s Panda/Farmer Update).

More than ever the focus is on quality of content not quantity of articles submitted – with guest blogging, it is natural for blog writers to consider carefully which articles to submit and which are approved. So far, writing a guest post and getting it published is a slow and organic process and as with many aspects of the web, the time and effort spent in writing the post or getting others to write posts for your blog is a worthwhile expenditure in order to gain either great content (Guest Blog Host) or good link juice and new readers (Guest Blogger).

Advice for Guest Bloggers

Writing more than 300 guest posts a year, Onibalusi has become a star guest blogger being interviewed left, right and centre and is asked to reveal all. He shares many hints about how to write guest posts in his ebook although I haven’t yet read it, so please let me know if you have or intend to do so but I am almost willing to bet that a lot of his success is down to good old hard work in writing excellent content and asking others out there whether they would publish it.

A lot of bloggers are touting guest blogging as having many benefits, but if you have had any less than outstanding experience with guest blogging then this article is very interesting. In it, Mark gives us an example of time he had written five guest posts but had only received 18 views from those published posts, he reflected upon what he could improve and tried again, this time with more success. The trick, according to Mark, is to make your guest post personal and to get the readers interested in your story and where you are coming from. A bit of self-involvement, whilst seeming like bragging, in fact builds trust with readers on another site and in turn makes it more likely for them to visit yours.

To sum up…

These days, article marketing via article directories is far from dead art if you use it as a form of marketing rather than purely for SEO benefit. But even so, guest blogging is going to be on the up and up for a long time yet. Pitching a guest post will become more and more the norm and bloggers will have more emails than ever to wade through to separate the wheat from the chaff so Google doesn’t have to.